text: Barycentre Press

About Barycentre Press

Just as binary stars circle around a barycentre, we want to be a central point for our two favourite escapes: speculative fiction and evocative music.

Does it transport our minds? Does it move our hearts or hips? That's what we ask when we're reading or listening. That's what creates our escape hatches from the real world.

We're also particularly interested, though not limited to, creative endeavours by or about people outside the so-called default: women and intersex people, people of colour, LBGTQIA people, gender-queer people, disabled people, neuordivergent people, etc. Sometimes, better reflecting the real world is an escape of its own, especially if you've spent your whole life making do with media that puts straight, cis, white, able-bodied, neurotypical men in the central roles.

As we grow, we'll be working to publish a variety of artists, writing, and music that fit our tastes.

We are not currently open for unsolicited submissions.

logo: two stars and their paths circling a centre point