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Chapel Byrne

Chapel Byrne writes supernatural romances that don't always stay on the usual path.

She prefers if everybody consents. She thinks people should choose what's right for them and not just what the rest of the world considers normal. She knows that love isn't always just a muscled brute. The romances she was exposed to growing up didn't seem to share her opinion, and that made her suspect there was little place in romance for her. She hopes perhaps someone else who feels that way will find a place in her stories for themselves, and that her stories will help readers feel empowered to expect consent and explore other paths for love.

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Love Is the Beast cover: a beastly mouth is open in a roar

Love Is the Beast

(Alternate Routes #1)

'Til the Last Beat cover: a dirty white wing

'Til the Last Beat

(Alternate Routes #2)

Crimson Tastes Divine cover: a mouth with fangs open to bite

Crimson Tastes Divine

(Alternate Routes #3)

Rich With Complaint cover: shimmery, silvery blue wings

Rich With Complaint

(Alternate Routes #4)

The Water Still Calls cover: silvery tail in the water

The Water Still Calls

(Alternate Routes #5)

Stars at Your Feet cover: a blue galaxy, pulsing with energy

Stars at Your Feet

(Alternate Routes #6)

All Enchanted and Wild cover: a round, magical, silver talisman, carved with runes and crackling with power

All Enchanted and Wild

(Alternate Routes #7)

Just Flesh and Blood cover: two pale hands reach toward each other in smoke

Just Flesh and Blood

(Alternate Routes #8)

Path of Cinders cover: a dark, burnt shape, maybe a path or maybe a horn, traced in fire

Path of Cinders

(Alternate Routes #9)

Fire With Your Love cover: wings of fire point toward heaven

Fire With Your Love

(Alternate Routes #10)

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